Modine is a leader in the design, engineering and manufacture of innovative comfort heating, ventilating and air-conditioning equipment for the North American building HVAC market. As a provider of indoor air solutions the majority of Modine's business is targeted at the commercial, agricultural and industrial markets, but the residential market is a growing part of our business.

In the commercial, agricultural and industrial building market we provide heating equipment, including unit heaters, fin-tube radiation, cabinet unit heaters and infrared heaters; heating and ventilating equipment including make-up-air units. In the residential building market Modine supplies low profile garage heaters under the Hot Dawg® brand. Modine recognizes that fuel availability and fuel efficiency are important factors in selecting HVAC equipment. To accommodate your needs we offer products designed to operate efficiently on electricity, oil, natural or propane gas, and steam or hot water. 

When it comes to Building-HVAC systems, no other manufacturer can provide the combined product flexibility, technical expertise and fast delivery found at Modine. Leadership comes from proven experience in heat-transfer innovation... it comes from Modine.


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