No Refrigerant Handling - No need to charge our air cooled hydronic chiller system with refrigerant. Multiaqua's closed refrigerant system does away with the need for EPA certified installation technicians to handle refrigerants. Because there are no refrigerant lines outside the outdoor water chiller cabinet, installation costs are lower vs. standard DX ducted and ductless split systems.

No Ductwork - Cooling with Multiaqua air conditioning chillers and our line of ductless hydronic fan coils means running small, flexible water pipes into spaces within the walls instead of large ductwork runs. This can save hundreds of useable square feet for living space. Using ductless fan coils results in zero percent duct air loss compared to traditional ducted systems.

Air-Cooled Chilled Water ProductsZero Line Length Limitations - With insulated water lines carrying the cooling capacity, there is minimal capacity loss allowing for unlimited line length runs to any hydronic fan coil. This method of delivering rated capacity is far more efficient than traditional direct expansion ductless split systems.

Zoned Cooling - With Multiaqua air-cooled chillers and ductless fan coils, you condition only the spaces you designate; not the whole building as opposed to a traditional ducted central AC system. This fact allows for diversity and load shifting when doing load and sizing calculations. This reduces installed cost, as well as, operating costs for years to come.

The Multiaqua Chiller - Our chillers contain Copeland Compliant Scroll compressors and common, off the shelf components allowing for easy serviceability and repair. Multiaqua chillers are used for residential chiller systems, commercial chiller systems, and process chiller applications. Multiaqua also manufactures a heat pump chiller for those lower ambient climate needs.

The Multiaqua Non-Ducted Fan Coils have worldwide recognition for quiet, reliable operation and have a reputation for sleek, seamless design. Multiaqua specifically designs and manufactures fan coils for chillers and traditional condensing units. These fan coils can be operated from a central thermostat or can have individual controls, infrared remotes or hard-wired controls.

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