Callahan Mechanical Sales keeps its finger on the pulse of the Chicago area, northern Illinois, northwestern Indiana and eastern Iowa like no other rep firm due to its historical roots and tailored size. That is no small task when you consider the HVAC demands required by America’s third largest city where temperatures can go below zero degrees during the winter.

Many manufacturers have decided not to sell direct, but to sell through rep organizations because they will receive a broader and deeper market penetration per territory. Each pocket of the country is different with its own set of obstacles which can present a daunting task for a national manufacturer. A rep firm is literally a regional expert who is keenly aware of each zone’s unique challenges which ultimately frees up the manufacturer to focus on providing product solutions. 

As a manufacturer’s rep we partner with more than one manufacturer, so we are able to call on customers that may be deemed too small to be profitable for a single seller. More to the point however, we have chosen to handle a limited number of lines so we can provide the most attention possible to our customers and our manufacturers. Instead of our product knowledge being “a mile wide, but an inch deep,” we have taken the philosophy of being “an inch wide, but a mile deep.” In other words, the customer can be assured that for the manufacturers we represent, we are the experts. This same approach allows us to stay on top of continued training and education when products or the industry change, and inevitably they will. We are more problem-solvers than order-takers and that is a value added service that frees you up as the distributor, the engineer, or the contractor to help you focus on the broad demands of the HVAC industry.